Established in 1987 in Stoke-On-Trent, England, DePe Gear Company is a specialist manufacturer of high precision ground gears from 10mm to 2500mm in diameter for external   gears and from 40mm diameter to 1250mm diameter for internal ground gears.

DePe’s unique capability and steady growth has derived from a long term strategy of investing both in the most advanced gear manufacturing equipment available and in the skills of its loyal and experienced workforce. DePe is committed to providing Best in Class service wherever its skills meet a need.

Operating to the Highest Standards

CNC cut and ground gears, gear couplings and specialist gearboxes designed and manufactured by DePe Gear Company UK operate in all the major industrial economies of the world and in some of the most demanding applications including: aerospace, nuclear, defence and marine.

Providing Complete Solutions




DePe’s core business is manufacturing gears to customer specifications but we also provide technical assistance on all aspects of gear-related issues. DePe’s technical team has over sixty years of hands-on experience in gearbox design and related applications and is available to assist customers with every aspect of gear, transmission and drive-train projects. For example, we are currently heavily engaged in developing prototype solutions for electric vehicles, military transports and deep well pumping systems.




Low volume is our speciality, including the manufacture of prototypes for new and trial applications, either designed by ourselves or built to customer

The use of Internal Gear Grinding to produce Internal Helical Gears has been used extensively to manufacture protypes for E.V ( Electric Vehicle) epicyclic gearboxes.




DePe has over 50 production machines ranging from our two Hofler CNC 1250XLs with internal gear grinding for spur and helical gears and splines, through 5 axis live tool CNC machines, to our diverse portfolio of hobbing, cutting, turning, slotting, boring and grinding plant. For more information see our capacity list.


CMM quality control


We have two high technology Coordinate Measuring Machines for capturing dimensions and independent verification of standards, profiles and quality.
In a temperature and humidity controlled environment our leading edge Brown and Sharp multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine with pallet loading can measure any object up to 900x1500x800mm.

Similarly, our CNC Wenzel LH2015 gear profile checker also delivers micron accuracy on gears up to 2500mm diameter.

Technical support

DePe’s team is available to discuss all aspects of customer’s gear manufacturing needs.


Reverse engineering

Where necessary, if drawings are not available, DePe’s CMMs can be used to generate new drawings from used or old sample gears so that they can be re-conditioned or new ones made.

Proven for the toughest applications