Gearbox Assembly Manufacturers UK

Gearbox Assembly

All gearboxes are assembled to high approved standards.

Custom Gearbox Manufacturers

In recent years new facilities have been setup to further improve efficiencies in gearbox assembly manufacturing. We have the knowledge and capabilities to produce highly technical gear box assemblies for a wide range of applications.

Dedicated inspection & test departments ensure that all assembled gearboxes are delivered to exact customer & approval high standards.

Custom Gearbox Assembly Manufacturer UK

Modern Gearbox Manufacturing

DePe’s extensive & modern facilities enable us to offer custom gearbox manufacturing in a variety of mounts & sizes.

Our team of engineers work closely with companies to ensure custom solutions during the design process, right through manufacture, assembly, inspection & testing.

For quality & cost effective gear assembly manufacturers who are renowned for delivering cost saving solutions & excellent lead times, do get in touch.

Gearbox Assembly Manufacturing UK


We believe that sustainable practices are not only essential for preserving our planet for future generations but also integral to our long-term success as a responsible gear manufacturer.

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