Internal Gears & Spline Cutting UK.

Internal Gears & Splines

Small & large custom gears & splines for varying applications

Internal Gear & Spline Shaping

DePe offer both external & internal custom gears & splines to exact customer specification. We offer CNC gear grinding of helical internal gears and splines from an internal Ø50mm to Ø1250mm with a gear width of up to 600mm. Module range from 1Mod to 20Mod.

We can gear grind an internal annulus with an internal minimum Ø50mm Spur and helical teeth can be ground.

Internal Gear & Spline Cutting Grinding UK

Our Capabilities

DePe Gear Company have a wealth of expertise in grinding, hobbing, shaping, broaching & manufacturing internal gears & splines types, which include:

  • Involute Gears
  • Parallel Key Splines
  • Crowned Spline Shafts
  • Refurbished Internal Gears
  • Planetary Gears
  • Precision Serrations
  • Helical Splines
  • Custom Gears To Approved Standards

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We believe that sustainable practices are not only essential for preserving our planet for future generations but also integral to our long-term success as a responsible gear manufacturer.

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