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From prototype gears to volume production!

Design & Prototyping of Gears

We are offer to offer a fast & reliable gear prototyping service for a variety of applications. DePe assist customers from technical design to cost saving solutions.

Our company have invested in the latest 3D CAD /CAM design software for the rapid design to manufacture of prototype gears.

Whether it’s simply gears parts needed or complex gear prototypes you require? Our team is on standby to help.

Prototype Gear Machining UK

Small & Large Gear Prototypes

DePe Gear Company are ideally positioned to offer both small & large gear prototypes due to the size & flexibility of our extensive facilities.

Why not get in touch today to discuss any of your gear prototyping requirements?

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We believe that sustainable practices are not only essential for preserving our planet for future generations but also integral to our long-term success as a responsible gear manufacturer.

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