Test & Validation of Gearboxes. 4DOF & 6 DOF

Test & Validation

We offer full servo hydraulic actuator test and validation capability for a wide range of structural applications.

Capabilities Applications

Born out of the automotive industry, capabilities range from Component testing, System testing to full vehicle multi-axis vehicle test (MTS controlled 4DOF and 6 DOF capability).

We support many applications and industries:

  • Automotive (including EV, battery structural and rotating capability)
  • Rail
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Off Highway
  • Ag and Mining

Gearbox test & validation 4 & 6 Dof

Extensive Testing Facilities

Our EV and rotating machinery testing capability, designed to perform spin up tests, and lubrication tests. Torque and speed tests, Gear durability and gearbox reliability under Torque and speed conditions.

A suitable DC bus (voltage / current) can be provided to an inverter / motor assembly to run this as is intended in the application to support drive cycles and event based regimes if required.

Torque and speed tests can be devised with suitable torque reaction to support the requirements including the option of 4 square rig.
Power and Torque curves definitions for rotating machinery and Battery cycling by extension for EV applications.

CAD 4 & 6 Dof Testing


We believe that sustainable practices are not only essential for preserving our planet for future generations but also integral to our long-term success as a responsible gear manufacturer.

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