Gear Cutting Machinery

Gear Cutting Machinery
CNC Liebherr Gear Hobber25 MOD x ∅2500 x 800 Face
CNC Liebherr Gear Hobber18 MOD x ∅1000 x 800 Face
CNC Modul 500 Gear Hobber x210 MOD x ∅550 x 400 Face
CNC Pfauter PE1506 MOD x ∅150 x150 Face
CNC Stanko Gear Shaper12 MOD x ∅1250x 300 Face
CNC Tos Gear Shaper6 MOD x ∅500x 125 Face
Lorenz S7 1000 Gear Shaper10 MOD x ∅1000 x 200 Face
Wanderer Gear Hobber650 swing x ∅420 x 5000lg spline

Gear Grinding Machinery

Gear Grinding Machinery
Hofler CNC 1250XL (with internal gear grinding for spur and helical gears and splines)35 MOD x ∅1250 x 1500 Face
Hofler CNC 1250K (with internal and external gear grinding down to 20mm)25 MOD x ∅1250 x 1000 Face
Hofler CNC 800L RAPID35 MOD x ∅800 x 1000 Face
Niles CNC ZE40025 MOD x ∅400 x 400 Face

Inspection Equipment

Gear Grinding Machinery
DAE Brown & Sharpe CMM1500 x 900 x 800 Face (X,Y,Z)
CNC Wenzel Gear Checker∅2000x 1500 Face
Magnetic Particle Crack Detection
Horizontal Balancing Machine

General Plant

Gear Grinding Machinery
Mazak Integrex i-630v (5 axis machining)∅1050 x 1000
Yunil CNC Slotter∅1000 x 550 STROKE
Leadwell CNC Vertical Machining Centre1500 x 1000 x 800 (X,Y,Z) + 4th Axis
VT1150 CNC Vertical Lathe∅1150x 900
Hurco VMX30i762x508x610 (X,Y,Z) + 4th Axis
Puma CNC 600 Lathe (with live tooling)∅800 x 1700
Hitec CNC 400 Lathe∅430 x 1250
CNC Springfield Vertical Bore Grinder∅900 x 500 FACE
CNC Robbie Omicron Bore and Cylindrical Grinder∅700 OD x 1600 FACE
Abwood CNC Surface Grinder∅600 x 300 FACE
Hitec 700 CNC Lathe∅650 x 1700
Doosan 2600∅310x 700
Hitec 550 CNC Lathe∅600x 1200