DePe produces EV Gears and Gearboxes, with special facilities and features!


World Class Gear Manufacturing Facilities with Special Features for producing EV Gears and Gearboxes

Services offered by DePe are stated below:

  • We can gear grind an internal annulus with a minimum Ø diameter Spur and helical
  • We can gear grind external gears on a cluster gear with a clearance of 15mm
  • We can rough grind from solid thereby eliminating the need for expensive and long lead time tooling
  • In house machining of gear cases for a one stop shop
  • In house dynamic balancing for high speed applications
  • Full CNC gear inspection facilities
  • Extensive assembly and test facilities
  • Full design support
  • Experience to advise on design to facilitate prototype to production volumes
  • Extensive experience of various heat treatment processes and their advantages / disadvantages
  • Full access to European and American steel grades