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Designed or manufactured to customer's drawings DePe produces ground gears from Ø30mm to Ø1250mm, up to 1000mm face width and with a modular range from 1 to 35.


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CNC Gear Grinding

CNC gear grinding of helical internal gears and splines from an internal diameter of Ø50mm to Ø1250mm with a face width of up to 600mm.


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Internal Gear Grinding

DePe has five CNC gear cutting machines, ranging from Ø50mm to Ø2500mm with a module range of 1 to 35.

CNC Gear Cutting

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CNC internal gear and spline cutting up to Ø1000m x 300 face width.

The latest addition CNC gear grinder can produce internal helical splines and gears from an internal diameter of Ø50mm to Ø1250mm.


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Internal Splines

Internal and external splines to various international standards both finished cut or ground.

External up to Ø350mm by 4000mm face width.

External Splines

Gear coupling to transmit up to 1,000,000 NM with misalignment angles up to 5 degrees per gear mesh. DePe is a specialist in applications for the steel industry, mining, quarrying and paper processing.


DePe manufactures railway gear wheels and pinions up to 1250mm for most of the major OEMs.

Railway Gear Wheels and Pinions

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DePe’s equipment is ideally suited to low volume work and supports innovations in many fields including renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Prototype Work


Full CNC gear inspection is available to all international standards. Up to 2500mm diameter.

CNC Gear Inspection


DePe produces EV Gears and Gearboxes, with special features and facilities best suited to your needs and requirements. 


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Electric Vehicles


Born out of the automotive industry, capabilities range from Component testing, System testing to full vehicle multi-axis vehicle test.

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Test and Validation capability

DePe’s computerised gear inspection facilities include programs to facilitate reverse engineering. This enables DePe to manufacture or refurbish obsolete parts in applications ranging from vintage racing cars to current diesel and electric railway locomotives.

Re-Engineered Gears


All of DePe's equipment and experience is available for sub contract use!


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Subcontract Services

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Gearboxes up to 10 tonnes in weight. DePe has particular expertise in steel processing lines, cut to length lines, leveller lines, bulk handling and mixing.

Bespoke Gearboxes


DePe Gear Company is accredited to the Aerospace Standard EN 9100:2018.

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Aerospace Accredited Manufacturing


DePe has produced gearboxes and rope drums for dock crane refurbishment.

Crane Gearboxes

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Epicyclic combinations for industrial applications and gears.

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Epicyclic Gears